Keeping the introduction simple, I am Loki the God of Mischief. After the Avengers returned me to Asgard , I managed to sneak down here at Midgard where I roam where ever I want. I currently am staying at the city of New York running my own book shop. My current hiding place or sanctuary as I call it, there has not been any trouble and I wish to keep it like that. Independent RP blog, open to RP with Canon and Original Charcater, this Loki is based on the comic and movie verse, this is my second time role playing as a canon character so please be patient with me, just send a ask for a RP or tag a starter post with ineverwantedthethrone and I will reply as fast as I can.

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"What do you want?" The god asked without looking away from his book he read.


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"Kira?" Loki called out to her once he returned from his thinking corner. He regretted so much what he had said. It disgusted him how he could still hurt those around him. Once spotting her, the god move quickly to hug her. His voice was faint but it could still be heard." please, forgive me." He begged, hoping that they could still be friends and just forget what happened

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Loki staggered towards the direction of his shop. Or so he hoped he was heading the right way. It had been a year perhaps since he had left. For him it felt like a century. Never had he felt happy to be back at Midgard. The journey he had returned from took longer than he expected.


The god muttered once he arrived to the door steps of his sanctuary. The weight. The weight over his shoulders seemed to become light but he needed to be inside to feel safe.


He chanted when summoning them, they rattled in his hands. Unable to open his door, Loki simply sat done, leaning against the door. If he rested first , he would be able to focus to even cast a simple spell to open the door. Thankfully it wasn’t raining and there were not that many people walking to bother him from his quick sleep.