Keeping the introduction simple, I am Loki the God of Mischief. After the Avengers returned me to Asgard , I managed to sneak down here at Midgard where I roam where ever I want. I currently am staying at the city of New York running my own book shop. My current hiding place or sanctuary as I call it, there has not been any trouble and I wish to keep it like that. Independent RP blog, open to RP with Canon and Original Charcater, this Loki is based on the comic and movie verse, this is my second time role playing as a canon character so please be patient with me, just send a ask for a RP or tag a starter post with ineverwantedthethrone and I will reply as fast as I can.

Status: Multiship blog
Alliance: Neutral
Family: Purus, Magdala, Serena



I haven’t been able to work on anything the last few months, I barely got these done the last 3 days. Lady Myth (my OC) and She Hulk (Jeeeeeeennnn